Jazmin Puccio

Jazmin Puccio IF YOU SEE THIS GIRL, RUN!. Jazmin Puccio is the most important piece of trash this planet has ever produced! I feel this would be the 4th or fifth time she’s been placed on The Soiled! She’s going to sleep with any man that walks…no matter age, race, standing, and many others, all whereas being in a relationship with another person after which lie about what she’s doing. She turns tips out of her condominium within the Downtown LA space all whereas her 10 12 months previous son is there along with her. Additionally, should you occur to run into this piece of trash, watch your pockets. She’s going to wait till the correct second and steal your whole money and bank cards. She has no take care of anyone besides herself….not even her personal child. She makes him construct legos whereas she goes in her room to provide a stranger a blowjob! Not solely is she a horrible excuse for a human being, however she’s obtained to be within the operating for the worlds worst mother! Even her personal mother and father will let you know that they do not know how she grew to become such a chunk of rubbish! That’s why they don’t speak to her. They don’t even invite her to any household capabilities as a result of they understand how a lot of a scumbag she is. So, I’ve given you the warning….now BEWARE

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