Jemaul James Kamloops Biggest Man Slore / Liar

Jemaul James

Jemaul James Kamloops Biggest Man Slore / Liar. Everybody beware there may be this Jamaican man jemaul James who will typically go by Bernard James or some other faux identify he comes up with …..anyway jemaul is that this black man who thinks he’s the most well liked sh1t when actually he’s nothing however a liar and consumer . He’ll mislead just about a y girl simply to get laid he’ll then lie and say your the one when your actually only a aspect pice as this pos has many fuk b1tches on the town . He’ll get excessive then when he’s out of weed he will probably be like yo the place is my weed you stole it lmfao . He as soon as requested me to sh1t in his mouth and I used to be like yea no thanks . He can even blow into a lady’s a55hole and purposely make her fart simply so he can have her quick on him or in his face he at all times smells of alcohol and different girls then if you name him on his sh1t he will probably be like nah your making it up in your head actually each girl be warned be ware of this nasty rachett soiled sweaty wannabe gangster lmfao. I’ve heard from a good friend that he thinks that ladies are afraid of him haha hunny let me let you know I’m certain as fuk not afraid of this goof I truly really feel sorry for the ppl he makes use of and fuks over and hurts within the technique of him not giving a fuk bout nobody however himself at the very least he’s jessika Douglas drawback And when she sees he’s actually fuked up will probably be to late he can have fuked her over and moved on to the following b1tch as its what he does in order that poor poor lady is in for a experience

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