Jen Young Biggest F****** Lier Ever Meet

Jen Young

Jen Young Biggest F****** Lier Ever Meet. She says one factor and dose one other Steels shit out of your own home whereas appearing like she’s serving to you then b1tches she by no means will get her sh1t performed she’s to busy tweeking spinning doughnuts can’t get sh1t performed handed her a grand to repair her f up TWEEKER mouth (aka) snaggle TOOTH TWO WEEKS LATER DOSENT HAVE THE MONEY GUESS SHE LIKES A F********* up GRILL NEVER NEW WHAT GAS LIGHTING WAS UNTIL HER CLOSE FRIEND SHOWED ME WHAT SHE WAS DOING SHE TELLS YOU SHE LOVES YOU THEN F**** you OVER AND TURN SOMETHING THAT NEVER HAPPENED INTO SOMETHING DID JENNIFER YOUNG IS A LIFETIME TWEEKER AND WILL NEVER CHANGR made a Fb add account and I used to be the worker and my laptop computer now she might observe all my actions on line Chilly busted her however Jen younger mentioned she didn’t have time to do all that and if I didn’t consider her it was over Jen younger’s location historical past reveals her in a single place however claims she wasn’t there Jen younger’s off Fb exercise present her at tinder farmers and many others,and many others,and many others and says I wasn’t there internets unsuitable Fb is unsuitable location historical past is unsuitable however she by no means is sneaky sneaky sneaky soiled bI FELT SORRY AT FIRST NOT ANY MORE WORST DECISION I EVER MADE WAS LOVING A NASTY B LIKE HER

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