Jenny Cuthrell Is A Nasty Green B1tch

Jenny Cuthrell

Jenny Cuthrell Is A Nasty Green B1tch. Jenny is sneaky, manipulative, and an entire b1tch. She is such a jealous b1tch that she is going to actually do something she presumably can to spoil something she will be able to’t have however needs. She’s probably the most un-loyal, again stabbing good friend you can make in Nashville, and something she touches will fester within the worst drama and bullsh1t you can ever think about in your life. She is so egocentric. Solely cares about herself and can do something it takes, together with fuking ANYONE over to get herself forward. She’s a drunk and so poisonous to maintain round. Your life will go down the drain if you happen to let her in for 2 seconds. If you happen to’re making an attempt so far her, beware. She has  DRDs. She gained’t let you know both. She has an issue with being loyal… shocker?! No. She will’t keep dedicated for greater than two days, it will get too boring for her and is missing “drama”, so she’ll go discover some and fully betray your belief. Total, simply steer clear of this inexperienced b1tch. She’s a jealous DRDs that you simply DEFINITELY don’t need in your life.

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