Jessica Smith Biggest Cvnt In Sarnia!

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith Biggest Cvnt In Sarnia!. This proper here’s what a unclean physc0 cvnt seems to be like. She’s not solely a unclean f@t slore however the w0rst mom on the planet. She tries to brainw@sh her child to h@te folks different then her & her household. Thank g0d her daughter is just together with her half the time. She leaves her daughter with random individuals who have misplaced cust0dy of their very own youngsters.  I really feel sorry for anybody who finally ends up with this ugly ditch pig🤮 She cheats the welf@re system, can’t maintain a job, lives in h0using, at all times has her hand out, is at all times excessive, cvts herself and has tried to ki]] herself many instances. Being L@ZY isn’t a ment@l i]]ness Jes! Get a life, a job and act like a REAL mom!!!! Beware this lady is an unstable cr@zy b!tch and can spoil your life! RUN for those who ever encounter Jessica Smith of Sarnia/London.

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