Jim Stoffman – Refusing To Pay For His Secretary’s Abortion

Jim Stoffman

Jim Stoffman – Refusing To Pay For His Secretary’s Abortion. Jim (James) Stoffman of Winnipeg in no gentleman. The growing older uptight Jim, a shyster lawyer who’s charging his purchasers 500 {dollars} per hour, has turned his younger secretary, by means of threats and manipulations, to his intercourse slave. As she turned pregnant, Jim threatened to finish her employment if she doesn’t endure an abortion. A budget bustard has then refused to pay for even sick go away (resulting from abortion). She is a single mom and had no approach to struggle again, as this evil Jim is the managing accomplice of the large agency she works for. Allow us to simply hope that Jim’s spouse, who’s his third marriage, will lastly discover out about it. In the meantime, beware, Winnipeg authorized secretaries and others, of this shameless creep. Put this sick man, a humiliation to his household and jewish group, on blast!

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