Joe hernandez the biggest dirt bag in San jose

Joe hernandez

Joe hernandez the biggest dirt bag in San jose. This guy’s is the biggest 2 face loser dirt bag ever on this earth. He’s almost 50 still acting like a damn child . He treats women like shit he’s a big ass pervert and has the odacity to accuse his so called girlfriend of being a whore all day when really he is a disgusting pervert whore cheats all the time and thinks he’s getting away with it. He literally has no job and was living off of his girlfriend and her mother using the place like a straight trap house . He’s abusive to her in front of her mom and does everything he can to hold her back from bettering herself or from anything positive she has going for herself. He has no home of his own and he acts like he’s such a a boss working as the “middle man” making someone else rich . He has no intentions on living a normal life or actually having shit that actually matters in life . He’s a deadbeat dad and grandfather and a shitty friend since his whole get down is fucking his friends bitches by telling them that their guys are messing around with his bitch or whoever just so that he would have a chance at them . A fucks anything that walks can’t hardly get it up due to drugs and old age . And he loooooooves drama . He also likes to just run his big fat mouth about shit that doesn’t concern him but will never say it to anybody’s face he can only talk shit thru text and really cuz he ain’t bout shit. He’s never ever right about anything he comes up with in his head he thinks he knows everything but he’s always far from the truth . He tells on himself by harassing his girlfriend 24/7 with some weirdo accusations clearly because that’s what he’s up to. Lady’s this man is no good has no life or job and no intentions on treating women the way they deserve to be treated . And did I mention he’s a creepy stalker and he lurks around fishing for shit for no good reason . He’s nasty as fuck catching STDs and blaming his girlfriend when it’s him cuz he can’t stop touching himself with his dirty ass hands . He is just the worst. He treats the one person who been there for him try bad. And worse and helped give him money numerous times to try to help him get back up and then dogs the fuck out of her and disrespects her to the fullest . Lady’s don’t let him go down on u or kiss u because he has his face in a lot of different nasty coochie .

Mike: The 2 pics are definitely 2 different people. Right?

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