Jonathan Jollimore Fake Lier Cheating Nut Case Pof Addiction And Junkie

Jonathan Jollimore

Jonathan Jollimore Fake Lier Cheating Nut Case Pof Addiction And Junkie. This man will say he loves you cares about you textual content you on a regular basis by no means reply the cellphone hooked on POF will attempt to trigger any sort of drama ensure that his ex girlfriend get some drama out of it to and to not point out then he’ll simply fuking simply cease speaking to you retain saying he loves you cry and act like there’s nothing flawed tells you he’s not on medication however then he tells you he’s on fuking medication and extra medicine then tells you he’s going to his ex girlfriend what a downright horrible particular person textual content you saying you broke his coronary heart appears like he’s stabbed within the again and going to have a coronary heart assault and all the pieces but he’s freaking on POF chat and everybody has women texting him on a regular basis after which lies and says that he’s going to inform them that he has a girlfriend now by no means does then all of his girlfriends he’ll save them in his cellphone beneath your title so when she’s calling at six within the morning for a intercourse trigger he’s coming off of medication and as attractive as hell yeah down proper an enormous a55 gap.

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