Jordy Melnyk Is A Greasy Fukin B1tch!!!!!

Jordy Melnyk

Jordy Melnyk Is A Greasy Fukin B1tch!!!!!. Jordy Melnyk is a complete PSYCHOPATH! He was friends with my buddies girlfriend and when she turned him down he went completely NUTS!!!!! His narcissistic behaviour began, making all sorts of fake accounts. Brooooooo the only thing you’ve done is make Meaghan have crazy anxiety and fear seeing your goofy a55 again!!!! The guy is an utterly useless and incompetent LOSER, no wonder she wanted nothing to do with you, not even as a friend. Talking all kinds of sh1t, milking lies up! The guy is a greasy fuk and still lives with his fukin mom. LOL This isn’t a lie, no wonder this TOOL has a restraining order against him, it’s a dam shame. He has tried to make my buddies life and his girls’ a living hell!!!! Making posts about him/her, colleagues and friends!!!!! What kind of grown adult does this? I WONDER WHO IT COULD BE ???? Shouldn’t you be playing with your toys? LOL Your a FUKIN GOOF…. NOW GO POOF!!!!

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