Josey Wales homewrecker of the day

Josey Wales

Josey Wales homewrecker of the day. Homewrecker Josey Dangerous Wales aka Josie, North Washington state. 1st off, she changed her name legally to that 🤣. Josey met my husband when she was living in Chehalis WA. She got booted from that house and moved into her camp trailer in Spanaway WA. She’s since been kicked out from there and is living somewhere North West of Centralia WA. She refers to me as the fat Heffer and as his cow. Josey has made promises to sleep with my husband on a regular if we DON’T get a divorce. She stole his wedding ring and will not give it back. Recently found out that I have cancer again and she is requesting that he marry her and “put a baby” in her when I die. She talks a lot of shit like she’s hard but then hides like a coward. She is tattooed up her thighs and on her ass too. Her hair is extensions, eyelashes are fake, had a tummy tuck and a butt lift. I included a picture of her Dodge Ram and her motorcycle.

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