Julian Edey Manipulative Psychopath Sexual Predator And Mysoginist

Julian Edey

Julian Edey, Manipulative Psychopath, Sexual Predator, And Mysoginist. Julian Edey. Over time I’ve recognized him, he has manipulated and groomed younger ladies into believing he’s a gentle, form hearted particular person, solely to abuse them. He’ll try to show any companion right into a robotic intercourse slave who cooks and cleans for him while promising an equal partnership. He raped his highschool girlfriend, bodily abused one other, and at all times managed to persuade his associates that his girlfriends had been within the unsuitable after the breakup. This pathetic excuse for a human being will lure you right into a false sense of safety, and depart you with trauma you’ll be coping with for years after. Don’t belief him. Don’t date him, don’t be his good friend, don’t rent him. Maintain your life and family members protected from this waste of DNA.

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