Justin Dempsey Lowlife Pig

Justin Dempsey

Justin Dempsey Lowlife Pig. This lowlife piece of sh1t is Justin Dempsey This trash bag will message ladies non cease even when they’re In a relationship and gained’t take no for a solution. No lady is off limits for this man he’ll sleep with and message anybody large chicks Simple ladies ladies with DRDs He’ll cease at nothing to get his d1ck moist. as soon as he has you In his sights it’s sport on he’ll lie by his tooth to get you to belief him and even stalk you. He has cheated on each lady he has been with a number of occasions and when he will get caught will spill all his lies. He’ll say he’ll kill himself if you happen to gained’t speak to him. He has 5 youngsters that he doesn’t help and desires extra. Girls if you happen to’ve been with this man get your self checked he’s continually bragging about all the ladies he’s been with. Guys test your ladies DMS he’s in all probability in there spinning his lies. Don’t fall for his lies or his unhappy tales he’s simply attempting to control you for management

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