Kassandra White — Floozy Mama Kassandra

Kassandra White

Kassandra White — Floozy Mama Kassandra.  Hey Nik!! That is my now EX greatest good friend Kassandra! Kassandra is a mother of two, every youngster’s acquired a distinct dad since she’s a nasty floozy! She advertises herself as Neveah and frequents all of the “therapeutic massage” parlours in toronto whereas her two small children get tossed round to anybody! She likes to lie, steal boyfriends, and rob individuals. However when she will get confronted she calls the cops! She slings crack on the facet and is at present in hiding as a result of she set some individuals up! Nicely heads up guys she’s hiding close to sq. one in Mississauga! Dumb b1tch. Go fuk your boyfriend as an alternative of my man!

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