Katie Doyle 100+ Kills SL00T

Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle 100+ Kills SL00T. is lady right here is greatest shut in the marketplace forsure. 1. Has slept with extra individuals then she is ready to rely. 2. Likes each males/lady 3. Has extra love for her 2 million man pals then her truly companion. 4. At all times a multitude . Doesn’t clear 5. (4) large canines in a 300 sq. foot house/condominium. 6. Leads guys on to purchase issues for her. 7. Drinks like a fish throughout the week and smokes like a chimney. 8. Has no endurance , very impolite individual. 9.she is not going to speak about what’s going on particularly when responsible. She is going to simply kick you out lmao 🤣 😂 10. Has no appreciation in any respect for nothing . 11. Very sneaky and can know the precise occasions to do stuff behind you’re again. 12. Talks sh1t about everyone together with her greatest buddy which is a male 🤔 13. Hypocrite and a half lmao large time she’s going to do stuff however you gained’t have the ability to do the identical. 14. (Bipolar) sooner or later she might be good , subsequent day a very completely different story. ***She was with an excellent man , residing with him and issues regarded nice. However she had a male buddy residing together with her ,she had instructed this good man the buddy simply wanted assist proper now simply must get on his ft . Lmao yea proper she kicks out the good man as soon as he begin discover she was sleeping with the buddy as nicely on the similar time 🤣 💀 now she is courting her soo known as FRIEND lol simply keep away she is bizarre, gross , mentally unstable

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