Katie Rose Aka: Fabienne Toussaint 1 Fail On The Crazy/ Hot Scale

Katie Rose

Katie Rose Aka: Fabienne Toussaint 1 Fail On The Crazy/ Hot Scale. Wannabe (very unhealthy) actress, drama queen, Narcissist, with zero idea of actuality. Actual title katie Rose, pretend title: Fabienne Toussaint. Born [REDACTED]. This one is a potential sociopath, manipulative and determined, presumably bi-polar and positively a rip-off artist. She lies about being in or getting out of an abusive relationship to con guys into Paying her fares to get away and promising to repay upon arrival or upon buying a job. Utilizing these poor saps and with none regard for human decency she rips them off by making up any excuse to begin a combat over one thing ridiculous and runs away with the cash after making an attempt to suck them dry of all different assets. In case you’re searching for an costly and never excellent name woman, with abdomen stretch marks so extreme it seems to be like she gave beginning to an elephant, with a pepsi dependancy and appears just like the white dread twins from the Matrix, go for it! In any other case preserve in in your pants and block her. These are her images from when she was nineteen, she’s twenty 5 and up shut with out make up she seems to be like she’s about forty. Attempt’s to make false accusations to the regulation for those who attempt to Perdue your cash, simply save your self the time and for those who see her on television, change the channel.

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