Kelsey De Bie Dirtiest Fetty Head In Town

Kelsey De Bie

Kelsey De Bie Dirtiest Fetty Head In Town. Kelsey is actually scum of the earth. She’s completely DISGUSTING! What sort of pathetic loser goes and f ucks a dude out a eastcourt motel for a pair tokes of fetty JUST 2 HOURS AFTER MEETING HIM?!? Possibly get off the fetty you soiled tinfoil smoking c vnt!!!!! It’s bought you out right here wanting disgusting!!!! All of your nugatory life is price is a trip to drive round different fetty heads and a few low-cost soiled p u55y!!!!!!! Oh and btw I seen the photographs of your chewed up p u55y!!!!!! S h1t appears to be like like a bunch of black smashed in pigs noses with bumps throughout it and your ass! GROSS!!!!!!!! Your s h1t appears to be like CHEWED up and spit again out!!!!!!!! The image the place your mendacity in your again and your tongue protruding, YUCK!!!! Seems caked with plaque, you look DIRTY!!!! Particularly that field of yours holy, I really feel dangerous!!!! It’s mangled!!!! Like I stated a bunch of smashed in soiled, black pigs noses!!!!!! It critically appears to be like like there’s faeces throughout it as a result of it’s so black and brown!!!!! You’re a pathetic low life fetty smoking LOSER!!!!! F uking dudes you JUST MET out at eastcourt motel!!!!! Hey, when you ever determine who that is ship me a message and I’ll ship you the screenshots of the dude speaking mad s h1t about you saying the way you banged him solely after 2 quick hours of simply assembly him AND how he made your disgusting pathetic piece of s h1t a55 hop within the bathe earlier than he face f uked you then bent you over AND THE WORST PART IS AFTER HE F UK N CHUCKED YOU HE HAD A SORE ON HIS DISGUSTING MOUTH THE NEXT DAY, GET CHECKED, by the photographs I seen of your soiled field it appears to be like like you’ve DRDs, actually…. YIKES, prolly bc u go n open your fishy legs to whoever has the FETTY!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a waste of area!!!!!!!! I guess your moms actual happy with elevating somebody as low life and disgusting as you!!!!!! Ineffective soiled ass field, go wash and get checked trigger it appears to be like when you do you’ll be a life lengthy affected person at a DRDs clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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