Kelsey Drover — Lying Cheating SlorKelsey Drover — Lying Cheating Slor

Kelsey Drover

Kelsey Drover — Lying Cheating Slor. Hey Nik meet Kelsey Drover, 26 years previous relationship a 19 yr previous, was posted on Fb for being a horrible disgusting tenant, can’t hire wherever with out her boyfriend due to how disgusting she is, owns two canines who’re uncared for, poor Riley (her black canine) will get locked up in his cage for majority of the day,doesn’t clear up after them in any respect. They sleep in they’re personal filth. she sleeps round and cheats on her boyfriend, and blames her issues on everybody else, she screws round a lot she’s bought greater than 2 drd’s, she’ll use you for something she will be able to get, and makes use of her boyfriend as an excuse for her psychological sickness as a motive she ‘can’t’ work. BEWARE to the following poor boy who decides to ram his D**okay in her unfastened holes.

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