Kevin Woycenko Is Using Anyone Who Will Get Close To Him To Get By. Watch Out.

Kevin Woycenko

Kevin Woycenko Is Using Anyone Who Will Get Close To Him To Get By. Watch Out. Kevin Woycenko is a 54 years previous and can’t even get a bank card, has 0 pension and don’t even ask me when the final time he did his taxes was, I’m certain CRA will discover out. Why is that this man on this place? As a result of as a substitute of getting a job like a standard individual and being financially accountable he has manipulated the ladies in his life together with his circle of relatives and his spouse’s household to get by. He takes 0 accountability for his actions and he’s at all times received an excuse you’ll discover. It’s by no means ever poor Kevin’s fault :'( He is aware of the best way to manipulate and lie very properly contemplating he’s actually finished it his total life. He’s not divorced and he has not had an actual job for years so don’t let him idiot you on his profile girls. His girlfriend’s simply been giving him cash to reside and he comes up with dumb stuff like having to color the grass inexperienced in November to get extra money from her for “working” round the home. This man has nothing on his identify (no home no automotive no credit score) he must declare chapter as a result of he owes alot of cash. Hmm received’t declare chapter, received’t get divorced, wont get a job.. one thing appears fishy. If you happen to search him on Fb you’ll see random folks searching for him as he didn’t pay them for his or her service. He’s financially fuked over his brothers to the purpose they need nothing to do with him, there’s a purpose his total household doesn’t speak to him. He’s the largest scum bag and only a sh1t stain to society. Hes been dishonest on his girlfriend who’s actually paying for him to reside, paying for him to maintain his children and purchased a model new truck for him to drive his children round in, and he brings this random girl to his girlfriend’s home, in her mattress and in her truck. He’s refusing to depart his girlfriend’s home now even in any case of this and an eviction discover. He’s been making an attempt to promote all her stuff on Kijiji to fund himself until he can discover one other teet to suck on. Don’t let or not it’s yours.

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