Keyanna Twoheart 400 Pounds Catfish That Doesn’t ShowerKeyanna Twoheart 400 Pounds Catfish That Doesn’t Shower

Keyanna Twoheart

Keyanna Twoheart 400 Pounds Catfish That Doesn’t Shower. That is keyanna twoheart, she likes to intimidate individuals along with her dads presence, she all the time thinks she will be able to inform somebody to “shutup” and their gonna hear as a result of she tells everybody her dad plugs Nathan Roulette and Forrest James, and follows all of them however isn’t pals with any of them on Fb LOL that’s all she talks about, How she says they tried to coach her ,who would wanna. Speak about considering she’s the sh1t. She talks sh1t about her personal dad, and likes to say how he chills with 15 12 months olds. She’s 400 kilos and forgets that sporting medium sized garments having her nasty pimply a55 hanging out on a regular basis wherever and all over the place Strolling across the forks along with her gross saggy pimply a55 consuming her poor shorts 🙁 I really feel dangerous for her shorts and her poor boyfriend who has to that on the finish of the night time. Watch out for this gross smelly catfish, she’s 6 ft tall and 400 kilos and can come into your own home, eat your meals after which speak sh1t about you. Don’t belief this woman, she says she’s so loyal however talks sh1t about her bestie any likelihood she will be able to get LOL if she will be able to do this to her “bestie” she’ll do it to you. This can be a b1tch that assume her shit don’t stink LMFAOO unhappy case has to steal her dads financial institution card to have the ability to purchase all of the slurpees and taquitos you fats c0nt LOL hold consuming it’s getting you no the place however stealing your dads card to feed your dependancy AHAHHA I really like dishonest on my boyfriend with random ass individuals and actually each like on my profile image is a special n1gga LOL oops my boyfriend doesn’t know that I clown him and add pals of pals boyfriends LOL I like to coronary heart react each northside mandems image out right here LMFAO. I comply with a bunch of identified guys and right here’s a couple of yow will discover on my profile that I comply with however haven’t been accepted as a buddy by them but, Kashtyn Dinero, Jay Johnson,Aaron choken, Adam Malanchuk, Rayden Lafontaine, Sdot Dinero, Forrest bump, Tristan Armani, Dylan Gladu, Tyler smith, Carter Sprint, and a few females; Rora hope, Ayla Raine, Althea Ramos, Alexa Gates, Airi Skye Ducharme, Brianna Dun, Jasmine Thompson, Sav, You’re a wannabe a55 b1tch that has no manners and appears like Sid the sloth 😭

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