Kianna-rae liar and cheater in Alberta

Kianna-rae liar

Kianna-rae liar and cheater in Alberta. Kianna-rae Look out for this one, she is a pathological liar and a cheater. Has multiple boyfriends at once (recently got caught dating two people that know each other and found out) and will make up the most insane “trauma” stories of ex’s cheating or being mentally/physically abusive to her to get pity. Also says she needs trust and honesty but lies about working late or sleeping absurdly long hours while going out to sleep/see other guys. She has slept with a numerous amount of guys in the past few months, all while claiming to not have slept with anyone for a few years. Also claims to be allergic to latex so she can’t use condoms (get tested if you’ve made the mistake already!) If you make good money or have flashy things, she will come for you, that’s her favorite type of guy. Says her parents abuse her so she needs a place to stay. She will use someone until they start to catch onto the lies and then either gaslight/manipulate you so you stick around, or just block and delete you instantly because she has other guys on the hook that believe her. Has some major mental problems and everyone should avoid at all costs.

(I have texts and screenshots to prove every single thing, so yes it’s all true)

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