Krista loves meth osgood

Krista loves

Krista loves meth osgood. This is Krista osgood everyone medicines hat most known meth mom. She’s mom to Sydney osgood and Reese osgood and we all know how gross and stupid those girls are. So it’s no surprise their mom is just as bad. She failed raising them because they’re both disappointments and won’t do anything with their life. The girls live off mommy and go running to mommy everytime they get scared. Krista does meth and has for years even when the kids were little. She cheated on her husband for years and he still stayed with her stank ass. She threatens minors and insults them on social media. Yet she can’t afford anything, she has to use a fake name for her job because she has a criminal record. She has a criminal record because got caught selling drugs and had to go to jail. She fucks guys as much as her daughters do. She’s a terrible mother, and it’s no surprise the Sydney and Reese are failures since their mom is. Do not let this woman around ur children she will smoke meth with them around like she does her granddaughter

Mike: Family Series.

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