Lance Eli Krug Liar Manipulator Cheater Emotionally Abusive

Lance Eli Krug

Lance Eli Krug Liar, Manipulator, Cheater, Emotionally Abusive. This man is a liar and a manipulator. He takes benefit of weak lady for intercourse. He finds broken lady who’re contemporary out of abusive relationships, makes them really feel secure and beloved, guarantees them the world, fuks them as a lot as he needs, after which leaves. He additionally cheated on his gf whereas she was pregnant and if she thinks he received’t pull this shit once more she’s delusional. Im in all probability not the primary lady he’s carried out this to and I doubt I’ll be the final. He works for [READCTED]. He was a driver however now he cleans all of the bus stations. He may turn out to be a driver once more although so women beware if you happen to ever get on his bus. This man broke my coronary heart into 1,000,000 items when It wasn’t even complete. He hid me from the world. He claimed to by no means be capable to come over cuz he was so busy with work and drained on a regular basis but when I ever wished jim to return and and fuk at 1am all I needed to do was textual content him and in 30 min we’d be on my rest room ground. Don’t be a dumba55 like me. LANCE ELI KRUG. WORKS FOR [REDACTED].

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