Leah Bossyut’s Jurrasic Life

Leah Bossyut’s

Leah Bossyut’s Jurrasic Life. Leah Bossyut ur a broke junkie. Nothing about her says she wipes. Nothing about her says she bathes. The whole lot appears DRDS. She appears like my albino baby I randomly gave delivery to in a pre historic African village throughout Pangea. My early human mind thought she was demonic due to her albinism so I wrapped her in a malanga leaf and and left her in a cave miles away from the village. All she wears is faux designer. This freak belongs in fuking Jurassic park. She escaped the psych ward and is at the moment on the run. This lady appears like a person, reality be instructed. Her testosterone ranges can be higher fitted to the CFL cuz she’s constructed like a linebacker.

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