Lefranco Pescante EX [REDACTED] Owner Franco’s Life Ends In Hellfire And Tampa Is Not Forgetting

Lefranco Pescante

Lefranco Pescante EX [REDACTED] Owner Franco’s Life Ends In Hellfire And Tampa Is Not Forgetting. This EX proprietor of [REDACTED] let his head get approach too large for him to deal with. When racist feedback got here out through the riots just a few months in the past [REDACTED] grew to become the primary riot spot in all of Tampa with the notorious “FUK FRANCO” chant. He’s being sued for accusations on rape, embezzlement, fraud. This corrupt enterprise proprietor has been on the run for 7 months hiding from cops so he can’t get served. He lately reactivated his instagrams however oh Tampa just isn’t forgetting you Franco. He would rape women by feeding them 2C and getting them so drugged up they didn’t know what was occurring and him and his girlfriend Taylor would take benefit. He would fuk workers that had been too fuked up and video tape from a digicam above his mattress then present folks and snort, then when an worker caught a lifelong  DRDs paid them below the desk and made them signal a NDA so it wouldn’t be public information. His ex enterprise associate Jason Bell pulled out of [REDACTED] in good timing and was paid off 1mill for his shares as a result of he knew in regards to the corrupt embezzlement. The brand new [REDACTED] and so they all open right here shortly. Coincidentally his instagrams reactivate the week the brand new institutions open? I believe not. Watch put for this corrupt proprietor who belongs in jail.

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