Lexi Gibson — Just Another Dead Beat MOM

Lexi Gibson

Lexi Gibson — Just Another Dead Beat MOM. Lexi Gibson is nothing however a useless beat mother. She cant even afford to care for her personal son. But right here she is knocked up once more just a few months later with one other little one. Rattling Lexi do you not know what Plan B is b1tch. Actually will do something for $ even when it means getting knocked up. She cries about being known as into household companies but does nothing to alter her sh1tty life. I’ve heard horror tales about her being a mother. Lexi has the worst repute for being a straightforward slore who’s hooked on medication. She posts bare pictures of herself on-line. I wouldn’t be shocked if its a distinct child daddy. Everyone knows you get round hun. I do know a lot dangerous sh1t about this lady. Karma’s a b1tch isnt that proper Lexi. You discuss a lot sh1t about different ladies, such as you’re excellent. You bought whats coming to you.

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