Matt Fleming Essex red flag

Matt Fleming

Matt Fleming Essex red flag. So He’s gone through several girls. He has gotten several pregnant, and after a few months (once the baby isn’t a new born essentially), he would ghost the moms, never to he heard from again. He tried to get with me as well after having a child with someone very close to me (I was young and dumb to even consider anything with this guy). He then tells the next girl that it was all the other woman’s faults and they are keeping the children away from him. He never attempted to contact them at all. At one point, said child was being dropped off to hin so he could spend time with them, borrowed a stroller that time too, said he would return it after the next visit. When the child was picked up, it was the last time anyone heard from him again.
That’s when he started dating the last girl he had a couple kids with. He’ll tell all kinds of “trauma”
stories to get in your pants. Run fast.

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