Matthew Douglas Bauer

Matthew Douglas Bauer

Matthew Douglas Bauer. This guys will trick you into thinking he is your match made in heaven , he can do and be anything you want him to be he is like a chameleon he blends in like he read your diary before meeting you . He tells you his sad ass story about his crazy ex girl friends first how traumatizing his life was because of her, always throwing him in jail, and lying about, abusing her, and uses his boy as a way to your heart to make it all that much more real. he does love his son, but has no limits or boundaries when it comes to the law Iieing stealing cheating to get what he needs in life and to get what he needs out of life to be the big shiny star . He needs to be to feel great about himself to fool others to think he is Matt fucking Bauer. he’s very conceited brags about himself continuously think he can talk his way out of everything and anything he can convince anybody whatever he wants because he’s just that good but then you’ll find yourself eventually getting hit and being the one that’s getting abused falling for his lies that make you feel like you’re gone crazy because all he knows how to do is justify why he has to lie and make it all your fault. I lied because you did I hit you because you said that, don’t call me that and you won’t get hit (goof ) that little 4 letter word you may as well say hey punch me in the face because it can control such a big tough man to the point of no return an anger you’ve never seen before a narcissist, sociopath compulsive liar who destroy your life and he will never stop until he finds his next victim. Thank you, Kari You can be next good luck. He still has your wrapped around that little cock of his. Lol. To bad your shitty lay but you will have to do. Cause he has no chance or and balls to ever own up to his pathetic, lying little piece of shit life he’s created for himself. He’ll never find honour or truth in himself, and will continue to carry-on, lying to get what he needs to get by in the moment uses his family the very little friends he has left, I think there’s One friend one person she’s got a big heart though, so all that matters lol he will play against each other and be the little innocent victim. That says I didn’t do nothing wrong. I was just trying to help. I only said that I did that for the family OK it’s a job very rarely does that happen 95% of his paycheque will go to gambling debit MasterCard visas. He can hide his gambling anywhere in any. Anyhow, he’ll take your last 20 bucks for himself and find a way to make everything your fault . he’ll pretend to own his shit and confess his lies to make you think he’s changing and wants to better himself for you but the lies will never stop he sick needs lots of help professional help and I’ll tell you he’s good as long as he has you without you he’s nothing it doesn’t see the point in trying for himself without having someone because he can’t be alone ever once he’s made felt alone or abandoned. Watch your back but he’ll find a way to crawl back in there and try and trick you and get you back tell you anything you need to hear anything you wanna here cause he can’t be alone.

Mike: Not sure if he is made in heaven, but that pic definitely looks like he’s in a hospital

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