Matthew Olson

Matthew Olson. Right here’s Matthew Olson in all his faux gucci, that he bought from stealing, automobile hopping, medicine and committing fraud. He can’t maintain a secure job, he’d slightly hand around in the pen. He cheats on each lady he dates, with a number of females. He’s even been dishonest on the lady he’s with now however we’ll go away her out of this. He sells pictures of his physique for cash on the web like a OnlyFans lady. He beats up the ladies he dates, destroys their belongings and punches holes of their houses partitions. He’s ALWAYS performing some form of drug, pepsi, MDMA, meth, acid. He faux cries and manipulates and is aware of methods to get his approach, he’s an actual pyschopath. He rages out in anger and destroys issues like individuals or his telephone. Don’t know what number of telephones he’s gone by means of.

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