Meghan Phelan — This Dirt Slore Loves C0ck

Meghan Phelan

Meghan Phelan — This Dirt Slore Loves C0ck. This slo loves any d1ck she will get she’s together with her child daddy, her ex husband, the neighbors everybody. The extra the marrier. Most likely why her marriage failed. Any male consideration is welcome due to her poor me storys. She hasn’t informed a reality in years. She is down proper abusive to males and her daughters as properly. She neglects her daughters to the purpose the place they’re obese and stink. Her oldest had a knot in her hair the scale of a cellular phone for months. So unhealthy it took 2 months to get out. The home is stuffed with rubbish and medicines are smoked all through with bongs and pipes littering the property. She is a horrible one who calls cas on her pals after they get into arguments making false claims. She is utilizing 4 males for the cash they make and in addition frauds the federal government for welfare and crb. She is a mud squirrel to the fullest and if she ever walks by you. You’ll know by the overwhelming odor of solar baked fish. She is a strolling hypochondriac and claims to have each sickness or ailment her thoughts can conjure. The basement of her home has the looks of a landfill Purchaser beware you may break your lives for lots cheaper. Simply flip to medication.

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