Mellisa London The 2 Faced Lying Sl0re

Mellisa London

Mellisa London The 2 Faced Lying Sl0re. This woman proper right here is probably the most 2 confronted b1tch you’ll ever come throughout! Going by many names as its at all times being modified from hm sh1t she begins and hm males shes messages! Going by mellisa london/ joseph or going by gabbie. When she was close to 17 she began seeing this center aged to nearly 30 yr outdated bum loser named Stephen abuan, hoed round once more til she caught one thing. Stephen got here again they usually’ve been collectively since! Fkd proper? She lives w her unhealthy mother a land treats her like shit. She steals EVERYTHING to panties to bongs! This woman and her bf ain’t going anyplace in life! Oh yeah, she crys on the each day too, barely can preserve a job easy as superstore bcs of how impolite she is. This women a tragic case and a half! So is her loser scumb4g bf!

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