Michael 41 from York ghosted me

Michael 41

Michael 41 from York ghosted me. Last summer I was talking to Micheal (41? I think). We met up and despite me having a small car accident we had what I thought was a great night. We kept talking into October, planning to get together for a weekend as I live 3 hours away. Hell, we talked about matching costumes and everything. Things were going really well.
Then the weekend came along and he suddenly stopped talking to me?? Gave it into the new year because he had mentioned some family stuff. Also, I don’t want to chase anyone. Messaged him on new years and tried to add him on instagram only to be blocked.
I’m obviously done with him, but any information so I can understand what happened would be great. Beware of Ghosting I guess? A couple other red flags I won’t get into.

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