Michaela Hebert — Emaciated Cr@Ckhead

Michaela Hebert

Michaela Hebert — Emaciated Cr@Ckhead. Michaela Hebert and her boyfriend Chalse Ingram are drug addicted fools who each want their a55es handed to them. These skinny decrepit wanting half people sit of their condo all day doing medicine and enjoying video video games. Michaela weighs about 80 lbs soaking moist, has the most important witch nostril from poor genetics or possibly years of laborious drug abuse. Chalse is so past gone from coping with miss Pores and skin and Bones that he can’t even give eye contact and shivers like a crushed canine. I’m curious if anybody else has something on these two, they’ve been a ache in my a55 and are days away from getting their a55es beat and despatched again East.

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