Michale Santana Wpg Pass Around

Michale Santana

Michale Santana Wpg Pass Around. haha I might say lots about this cracked out cracker. she’s a dumb slore who likes to lie about the whole lot, her age probably the most💀she’s a fugly anorexic slore who smells like a mutt🤮 she says she scoring boys however she’s solely letting them go her round kin gross strolling drd particular person yuckkkk Fvking cvmshot stuffed woman disgusting. I’d extremely advocate not speaking to her in any respect, she’s a faux lil b1tch who will pull faux on you💯💯 trusted this hoe with all my love for her and he or she jumps me for 10$ and some smokes, all people hates her, lots of people wanna punch this b1tch out together with me, however all she does is disguise in her unhappy little condo along with her ugly troll sisters and her methed out mother🤣 ahaha watch her stroll out on her once more over a rock LOL, fvkn bummy b1tch

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