Mike Muir aka Stakk Money. Red Flag Run

Mike Muir aka

Mike Muir aka Stakk Money. Red Flag, Run. Mike Muir This guy definitely has a lot of red flags he goes to bars every single day and he hangs out with Brandon Shelby/Dunn. I met both of them at the bar where they pick up women as a full time hobby. Some of you may remember him as the guy that got roasted to oblivion in WCS because he thought a trans person walking in a skirt was hilarious and worth posting to 36,000 people. oh and somehow slipping passed the DV charges placed by the police not even his victim. Not claiming his kids as his own to talk to freshly 18 year olds when he was over 30. Animal abuse. To the point he has been accused of killing his sister in laws cats. I could go on.

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