Miranda Johnston — Fat Ugly And Homeless Attention Seeking Slore

Miranda Johnston

Miranda Johnston — Fat, Ugly And Homeless Attention Seeking Slore. This woman is so fuking disgusting, used to work together with her on the Starbucks on Marion however give up as a result of she was so fuking annoying— and nonetheless is! 🤢🤮🤮 heard she has a number of drd’s and opens her legs to simply about any outdated man,,, she’s courting a 30 yo ugly joker confronted rat. Gross. Soooo gross!! Had a fats wanting child with this oldie and thinks she’s all there with him and has this “image excellent household” when actually she’s dwelling in a triplex with no supply of revenue cuz she’s horrible to work with! Makes use of the outdated man to dye her hair consistently and barely buys diapers for her smelly child, home appears like a midway place and I wager you her 🐱 smells like fish from a mile away! WATCH OUT BOYS OF PEG CITY, she’ll in all probability hit you up and attempt to fuk as a result of she’s a pathetic fats cow who lies about her life and desires your MONEY HUNNY. WINNIPEG’S BIGGEST SLOOT AND THE SMELLIEST WALKING DRD. 🤮🤢 canines scent higher than her frfr and like why the fuk would you set your final identify to MCCORMACK. B1TCH YOU AINT EVEN MARRIED QUIT PLAYING.

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