Mya L’Hirondelle — Mya The Easiest Slore

Mya L’Hirondelle

Mya L’Hirondelle — Mya The Easiest Slore. Hey everybody, this dumb woman is Mya and he or she’s the most important fool alive lmfao. She has an solely followers and is disgustingly ugly on there. She has no a55 to twerk and her physique is just too giant for her awkward self. She has no actual household all of them deserted her that’s why some slore took her in however little does she know Mya is a big pint addict. She runs round together with her little b1tch a55 pal all day promoting dope and smoking dope. Cause why she is so freakishly skinny. She is going to get males over to her home within the Chapelle space and allow them to FUCJ her naked again. She is nothing particular until you assume the drd is particular. Keep away!

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