Natalie Gauthier — Smelly Fat Natalie Gauthier

Natalie Gauthier

Natalie Gauthier — Smelly Fat Natalie Gauthier. She thinks that she’s stealing guys and that they need her lol however they use her for revenge lmao and so they run again and speak about how GROSS AND HUGE SHE IS. She is a literal HOME WRECKER, Places highlighter on her large moles on her face and a55. Anybody whos alone with 2 or 3 youngsters is a purple flag. I see you fatty magoo plus 2 . You embarass your self, and harass or stalk each dude, and eat/publish fattening meals, and get excessive all day, that’s actually your life. Quit your youngsters already to the three totally different babydads. 😂😂 Oooh , how does my a55 style whenever you suk*d his d1ck half an hour after he left my place?! Bahahaha your subsequent dude left you too and hes an unpleasant fats a55 too…hmmm…Looks like no man needs you? Youre not sizzling, and also you sound like a fats haggard previous girl whos been smoking for 50 years . Folks laughed at you whenever you referred to as my gurls man telling him your fats a55 had one other coronary heart assault. HeS nOt YoUR fRIEnD, neither is Pat 😂😂lol -youre steaming rubbish with gross trashy floozy nails with leftover hen below them. youre not Cardi b you wretched slore and have a number of baggage no pun meant, or perhaps… lmfao.

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