Nick Fitzgerald The Fuk Boy S2k

Nick Fitzgerald

Nick Fitzgerald The Fuk Boy S2k. Nick Fitzgerald is nothing however a two timing b1tch a55 pu55y boy who is not any man. I’ve met higher folks than him, and they’re a couple of years youthful than him. No individuals who name themselves adults don’t places their palms on their spouses. This boy not solely stole over a number of tons of {dollars} from his lady however took some very helpful sh1t from her too. Her stuff that she paid for and he stole from her. He can’t maintain a gentle job, he lets his lady pay for many of his sh1t together with his s2k together with his truck as properly, and he has the balls to slander his lady’s identify. Oh did I point out he’s a 27 yr outdated boy with a thoughts of 1. He choke his lady once they had been combating and pushed her within the toilet making her fall within the tub. Having the bathe curtain come down on her. He was pu55y sufficient to run away from an actual battle, however he’s silly sufficient to battle a ladies. His canine has greater balls than he does and his canine don’t have any balls.

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