Nicole Spence — The Pig Nose Sloot

Nicole Spence

Nicole Spence — The Pig Nose Sloot. That is Nicole Spence this fats b1tch is so.pathetic her and her household compelled her husband to marry her fats a55 and its noones fault that she doesn’t know.the best way to maintain.a person and that she cant say it somebody’s face if she has one thing to say trigger she would get her massive fats pig nostril kicked in and cease tryna go and act like your good.trying all slootty and sh1t have some respect you pig nostril b1tch don’t belief her she is going to act like a very good particular person to your face minute you stroll away she is going to discuss and attempt to damage your life trigger she has none if I have been her I might fear about tryna maintain.her husband comfortable.

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