Nikki Paul Dirt Bag Mother Who Uses Everyone Around Her

Nikki Paul

Nikki Paul Dirt Bag Mother Who Uses Everyone Around Her. This trash is Nikki Paul and it’s about time individuals begin seeing by her bullsh1t and lies. She makes use of everybody round till they not have something left and even after that she is going to nonetheless discover away to be in your life simply so she will be able to damage you much more. Shes additionally a junkie who will get excessive on no matter she will be able to however her most important drug is capturing herion which she says shes been off of for alongside time which is a lie she is going to use after which cease then use once more however in between she’s at all times popping drugs or getting drunk. However whats actually fuked up is she has a 15 years previous daughter who she smokes weed with and let’s her drink additionally let’s her have a grown man as a boyfriend who additionally sleeps over its fuking disgusting! Like thats her 15 yr previous that’s her little lady and as a substitute of being a mom she’s simply placing her personal daughter in peril and he or she simply obtained her daughter again as a result of Nikki was an excessive amount of of a unclean junkie to lift her just about her entire life till now they usually gave her a second probability to do proper get her life collectively and be a fuking mom and that is what she’s doing. She doesn’t need to have that child! No mom in there proper thoughts would get excessive with their teenager. However I already know the steps are being taken to verify Nikki doesn’t completely fuk that baby up. Such as you had a second probability! I’m over watching her snake herself into individuals lives after which trigger all this chaos! like shes in her 40s and may’t even get a spot to reside on her personal as a substitute she is going to use individuals so they provide her a room prefer it’s so pathetic! She publish footage of her and her daughter and it’s so unhappy as a result of her daughter is so fairly and so younger and Nikki simply seems to be used up she seems to be like your typical Cr@ck head her pores and skin is pale and beginning to wrinkle with luggage underneath her eyes not even the filters she makes use of can disguise that fact. Man I really feel coronary heart damaged for her child who was so excited to be along with her mother however Nikki is to fuking egocentric to vary. Somebody even instructed me that she’s going to be reported at work as a result of a Co employee or one thing noticed her with a needle within the toilet at work lol did I overlook to say Nikki doesn’t preserve jobs very lengthy! Simply an previous burn up junkie who cares about herself and herself solely and individuals are fucking sick of her lies her stealing and her fakeness…. and when your daughter is again with individuals that truly love her and can increase her to be a robust unbiased girls not flip her right into a trash junkie pig you Nikki will solely have your fuking self guilty you fuking junkie slore

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