Olivia Jones Drug Addict Liar

Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones Drug Addict Liar. This 18-year-old is a complete psycho. To harass me and my friends, she creates fake Facebook accounts. She sends nudes to all the guys she meets online. She says she is latina and that she is white. She is a racist. She cannot keep a job. She drinks all of her pepsi and alcohol. This condom is not recommended. She claims she gets pregnant every other month. She gossips about her friends. Unmedicated, she is bipolar severe and should not be drinking or using drugs. When she can’t get Pepsi, she smokes meth. She is anorexic and calls other girls fat. She creates fake FB profiles about her and then claims it’s other women. She cheated online on her boyfriend. Watch her around you’re man!! She loves to kiss girls. This is what she looks like in real life. Peterborough, watch out!

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