Paige Janzen Big Problem Causer

Paige Janzen

Paige Janzen Big Problem Causer. Don’t belief this b1tch round your man, or something normally. She is healthier at speaking sh1t then she is at anything. Thinks she’s the sh1t as a result of she works a desk job at a financial institution and has some ratty a55 hair extensions that seem like they’re disintegrating by the second. I’d by no means need an individual like her in my life, she’s going to downgrade you and discuss sh1t behind your again – fairly two confronted with a forked tongue. Regarding that she is the most important cvnt In Abby however acts like she’s so candy. Even have enjoyable together with her in mattress when you ever go there, has the most important fvpa I’ve ever seen. If I might describe her in a technique it’d be a film character from imply ladies.

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