Paola Sanchez The Cult leader’s rule

Paola Sanchez

Paola Sanchez The Cult leader’s rule. Mike, looks at the rules that Paola Sanchez made:

Hey everyone, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to not screenshot or share anything you see in here.
Lately we’ve had to ban a lot of women for sending screenshots of the things posted here to the guys that were posted. This group only works if what’s posted here stays here.
You may be friends with a guy and think that the words posted about him can’t possibly be true, but I’m telling you right now to please trust me when I say that some men act differently with women in the dating scene and that can include violent encounters and behavior that they don’t exhibit in front of friends and colleagues. You’re free to give your personal experience with him, but letting your friend know he was shared here compromises the safety of every woman that spoke up.
You may think you’re just innocently sharing something funny, but then that person sends it to someone who knows someone and soon after the guy is coming after the member who thought she could post here safely. Just put yourself in her shoes for one second and think about how she must feel.

You may have just found your boyfriend on here and feel the need to confront him about it. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Take the time to think of another place where you heard the information and don’t ever let him know that he was posted in any sort of group. That slip up could lead him back here to harass women in an effort to destroy the evidence.
We have a rigorous member vetting process and spend many hours every week working extremely hard to keep out any fake profiles and Trojan horses.
Just to give you one example of the things we’re dealing with: One man who was posted about in the group created two fake profiles (having stolen his profile pics from a model on Instagram) in an attempt to get in. We caught and blocked both of them, at which point he messaged every moderator of the page threatening legal action in an attempt to get the post taken down. Since then we’ve had thousands of similar situations play out across all of our groups.
Our volunteers are human and humans do make mistakes, but honestly I think we’ve gotten it down really good!
We’re working our absolute hardest to kee group as safe as humanly possible, but it nothing if members are leaking info out o group anyways.

So please, strongly consider the harm you might cause and don’t screenshot or share anything outside of the group. We want to keep this as safe of a space as we possibly can.
And, as always, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the vast vast majority of you who are doing nothing wrong, following the rules, and supporting one another
P.S. with the admins and moderators getting hundreds of messages a day, it may take us a while to see yours. We’re doing the best we can. If your post leaked, please follow Group Rule 9 and send a detailed message to every single moderator (moderators, not admins) so that whichever one has available time first will be able to help you, and make sure to include all of the details in the initial message you send us, including the name of who told him and all of the proof you have of them doing so. Thank you! A
P.P.S. If you managed to read this far, could you please comment with a meme, a “bump”, a story about how this group has helped you, or a picture of your pet? It will help with post reach and would be greatly appreciated

Mike: As always, no rule here, just post whatever, all post are anonymous

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