Paul B. Romance Scammer in PA

Paul B. Romance

Paul B. Romance Scammer in PA. Romance Scammer & Serial Cheater (Doctor & Military Officer Vet): Paul B. is an active offender in PA’s Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas in

PA & NJ. He is constantly bringing in new girlfriends on a rolling admissions basis despite his assurances of monogamy. Been doing this for over 30 years. Currently scamming at least 2 victims. HOW DOES HE GET AWAY WITH IT? By excusing himself pretending he has to call

“patients” and making up military deployments so he can spend time away from you to be with his many other women. Even his own sister actively helps him perpetuate all the lies! Also completely makes up much of his military service experience to impress new victims🤡🤡NO, he did NOT graduate from elite Air Force courses and did NOT fly MEDEVAC missions in Afghanistan though he lies and uses this fake info on job applications to secure employment.

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW: how do YOU feel about him exploiting the trust he commands as a physician and military officer to harm dozens of innocent women and children? What do YOU make of the twisted relationship he has with his sister?⬇️⬇️⬇️Tea and receipts available!

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