Philip Martignetti — The Biggest Scvmbag In Boston

Philip Martignetti

Philip Martignetti — The Biggest Scvmbag In Boston. Philip Martignetti of Boston is actually the most important scvm bag, mendacity loser recognized to probably exist. Initially, he’s a pathetic drug addict, hooked on virtually each drug doable. He’s continually excessive, smoking weed each hour he’s awake, he’s additionally hooked on Adderall and meth, so his pores and skin is at all times damaged out and he LOVES to choose at it. If you happen to’re fortunate to be one of many many ladies he hooks up with, you’re most probably to see alcohol prep pads in his condominium (in all probability for injecting pepsi and meth). He has a historical past of doing meth and pepsi, so in all probability continues to be doing these as properly contemplating how ugly he seems to be. He’s 33 however seems to be like a tough 45. Additionally he has a baby he utterly deserted, that he solely noticed as soon as when the kid was born. As a substitute he prefers to spend his time with floozies, alcoholics, and different drug addicts. He has no morals in any way, has cheated on each lady he has ever “dated”, and is mainly mind lifeless from all of the medicine he took, and continues to take. He hangs round absolute scvm bag of ladies, so watch out for those who hook up with him, as a result of you’ll most probably be stalked by the opposite psychotic drug addicts he has intercourse with. He’s a mendacity pu55y, and a horrible excuse of a “man”. Final however not least, he bodily assaults the women he hooks up with, like really beats them up! Test his felony file for those who don’t consider it. He’s been arrested for medicine and violence. He’s a backside of the barrel, disgusting, drug addicted low life and deserves to be uncovered . Though he’s so mind lifeless and excessive he in all probability received’t even care. (Re-submitting as a result of Google let the scumbag change the hyperlink on Google so it hyperlinks to a different web page. Don’t let him get away with it Nik, please repost this as properly).

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