Piece of Garbage homewrecker

Piece of Garbage

Piece of Garbage homewrecker. o,..besides having a lead foot,..here’s a class act homewrecker. Her divorce was just final only this past October,. And,.she has been quite busy. She already landed herself in bed with a man in a relationship plus got a ring too. FYI That ring should have been for the woman of the man she is messing with ! This piece of garbage is openly proud of being a homewrecker, yet,. has no problem at all being hidden. Hiding in closets, waiting her turn, a side piece if you will. It’s comical that she posts tik toks about wanting peace over drama, wanting a good man who will put up with her ways yet, she is kept a secret and cares very little about other people’s relationships. Amber,.news flash..he is still with his WOMAN, and, his woman isn’t going to step aside without letting the world know what kind of infestation you are. A mother?? Smh!!! Beware of this beast she has no morals, values, or principles. JUST PLAIN UGLY!!!

Mike: Name?

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