Prince Ka Amir Saadi El of Galveston Texas is a Swindler Narcissistic and a Blatant Charlatan Who Plagiarizes From Wikipedia. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN!

Prince Ka Amir Saadi

Prince Ka Amir Saadi El of Galveston Texas is a Swindler, Narcissistic and a Blatant Charlatan Who Plagiarizes From Wikipedia. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN!. Hey Mike. I thought I would inform those that view this site about an individual by the name of Prince Ka Amir Saadi El of Galveston, Texas. To understand or get a gist of this you have to know a bit about Ka background as a Moor and a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America. A organization that is build on the tenets of Islam and Noble Drew Ali. You can do a Google search and find out more in regards to the aforementioned. I became aware of him on Facebook and I was under the impression that he was sincere and genuine, I believe in giving people the benefit of doubt, but boy was I wrong. I purchased 3 of his books in the form of a bundle on and was quick to digest the information he “penned”., but here’s the kicker. Ka Plagiarizes entire entries from Wikipedia and passes it off as his own (every now and then hell slipped and credit Wikipedia). Here’s the idioticness of this. WIKIPEDIA can be edited and the information isn’t accurate JUST BECAUSE IT SOURCED. Ka Amir Saadi El isn’t no more than a Swindler and a Charlatan. I had questions about something he claimed to have penned in a book and when I messaged him it was a response that I got from him, that was rooted in EGO and Narcissistic bravado …. He literally responded with “who are you to question me”. I was blocked maybe a week later. I also discovered that his father and him have a strain relationship. I have a story in regards to him and his same ignorance . That’s a story in and of itself. Something he tries to sweep under the rug but him and his father are two peas in a pod in regards to the BOTH BEING DECREPIT ASSHOLES. He’s been challenged by other conscious individuals from Muslims etc and yet he’s come up with excuses and deflecting or it’s the EGO taking over and he feels that they “are not on his level spiritually”. This old meatball stomach bad body odor , having bastard is an legit weirdo. I mean it’s literally pages and pages of info you can find right on Wikipedia from his “breakdown” about super string theory etc. This asshole is a Charlatan and only concern with lining his pockets with your hard earned money. The crazier thing is he is so quick to criticize other people of being a Charlatan and a hypocrite yet here it is he’s guilty of the same thing. And truthfully leading the blind (your buddy Nasir can’t even THINK for himself and trust me when I find time I’ll post about him here cause he’s been flip flopping SINCE MYSPACE when I ran his punk ass from a group). Yo ass is too old and grizzly to be acting this way and have the audacity to say you’re righteous and all about the people and Allah. This man literally had the audacity to get mad because someone posted his material online and claimed it was “copyright infringement” on his research YET the research he claims comes from WIKIPEDIA. Sir you are a fucking clown and you profess to be Muslim. This man is a self appointed “Supreme Grand Sheik” and if you know anything about the Moors and MSTA that a high title but it’s hypocritical if you professing this and your CHARACTER isn’t right. Yet nobody within the body of the Moors KNOWS you or your clique of puppets and parakeeters . He mixes Islam with pseudoscience and other foolishness and HAS A REBUTTAL FOR EVERYONE’S WORK BUT YOUR OWN WHEN QUESTIONED YOURE QUIET AS A CHURCH MOUSE. I’ve heard rumors that you’re a wife beater as well. Something doesn’t add up with your FAT STANKING BIG BELLIED ASS. Enjoy your stay on here cause you’re no brother of mine!!! You or that ventriloquist dummy you have in your circle by the name of Nasir. Now go run your bitch ass to your Facebook page and screenshot this and make a Facebook status on this, But be sure to include how you like to belitte women, how you Plagiarize ENTIRE WIKIPEDIA POSTS, HOW SOME PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO PATRONIZE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU STILL HAVENT GOTTEN THERE BOOKS. YA DAMN SWINDLER. FUCK YOU!!!

Mike: Copyright still exist? I thought everyone is copying from others these days

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