Quality Inn — Sleep with one eye open. I rented 2 nights at Quality Inn in Cleveland Tn May 19-21. On May 20 me and my husband was sleeping and house keeping (a man and a woman) came walking into our room and just stood there. I finally said excuse me and they shut the door and left. We got up and took our shower and I walked down to the front desk. There was a sign saying they walked away from the desk and to use the phone to the right. So I picked up the phone a man said can I help you. I asked to see someone at the front desk. He walks in and I noticed it was the man who walked in our room. I asked him about and he said someone marked that we left. I asked him why don’t you knock first. He said I don’t have to and started to get an attitude. I said sir I work at a hospital and HIPAA states we knock on every door no matter what. He said with a bigger attitude it was a mistake. I said I understand mistakes happen but can you please start knocking. He said you should have locked the door I said I did sir but your lock is broken it not secure to the walk it’s loose and y’all have a master key. He said no locks in here are broken and if you don’t like you leave. I’m only staying tonight cause I won’t get a refund. I will never be back. Very rude! Would be nice to have my refund and the staff should take classes on how to knock on the doors and about HIPPA and how to have manners!

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