Rayina Patterson — Homewreaking Desperate Mutt

Rayina Patterson

Rayina Patterson — Homewreaking Desperate Mutt. When this hideous ogre trying 300 pound whale isint making an attempt to hit up women boyfriends shes normally stuffing that fats a55 face of hers and taking the ugliest of images considering she’s cute. Information flash Rayina you’re the ugliest of the bunch and you really want to attempt figuring out each occasionally, perhaps deal with your physique and you might truly maintain a person. This soiled canine will beg to sleep along with your boyfriend, attempt video chatting them and each doable homewreaking factor you might think about. Repair these hockey stick eyebrows and receding hairline and perhaps you’ll have an opportunity crimson chin constructed b****, this h0e actually has grinch vibes WTF HAPPENED TO UR LIPS LOL.

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