Rayven aka Raymond

Rayven aka

Rayven aka Raymond. This bitch is an in closet tranny she tries so hard to be a woman but really wants to be a man she accuses you of stealing money and hurting animals but really it’s actually her doing it and there multiple videos of proof of her being a thief

She touches children inappropriately with her man Steven beckstead and has infected kids with her incurable herpes and continues to put more children at risk daily

Please keep your kids away from this one she has herpes and has no problem giving it to your kids she has a kink for spreading her disease

Her boyfriend left mold in my boyfriend’s fridge for months but then blames it on me he literally had black mold in the leftover dishes he constantly stinks up our fridge with

Rayven Robertson and her boyfriend are extremely unhygienic constantly spreading their disease around not taking care of the disease properly they are a health concern to the public

Rayven gave her herpes to stevens son aswell

I had to get my son tested after she spit at him

Mike: OP needs better photo skills

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